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Greenwood StoryFest
by Audrey Wall

Hudson Arts Roundup
byKathryn Lamb

Coronicles - 1
by Art MacDonald

Greenwood Summer Season
by Audrey Wall

Recycling for Art's Sake
by James Parry

Greenwood StoryFest
Unique StoryFest 2020 Goes Virtual
by Audrey Wall


Against pandemic odds, Greenwood's StoryFest has reinvented itself as a virtual online experience with authors from across Canada and as far away as England. Authors and participants will join us via Zoom.

This special literary festival will take place every Thursday during October on Zoom. The regular time will be 7pm Eastern time, with one exception….the event with Margaret McMillan will take place at 2pm Eastern time, as she is joining us from London. The final event with Tommy Schnurmacher takes place Sunday, Nov. 1st at 2pm ET.

Ticket are free, and can be reserved at . Please follow the directions on the website to get a virtual ticket and a Zoom Webinar ID number.

We are very excited about this year's stellar lineup. Here it is…...Read More


Hudson Arts Roundup
by Kathryn Lamb


Within the arts community in Hudson, the summer of 2020 has been, well, let's just say it, unlike any other within our memory. With most local venues shuttered, regular seasonal events cancelled, and artists who depend on these activities hurting financially, artistic activity is still happening, but more at a simmer than a boil. New methods of connecting are being tested, and everybody is Zooming. But although we are grateful for these new tools, and are finding new ways to put them to use, nothing can really replace meeting in person. Nevertheless, Art must go on. And so…..

The Hudson Artists has no plans at present for physical meetings or exhibitions. However, they do have a very impressive on-line Artists Showcase featuring the work of several members. It may be viewed on their website at and is well worth a visit.

The Hudson Players Club has stayed creative this summer with a series of play readings, a comedy evening and a quiz night via...Read More


Coronicles - 1
Stories fromthe Great Pandemic
by Art MacDonald


So, while Art usually writes in the first person, he is finding the need to socially distance himself and will therefore write this piece in the third person - third minus first: there's your two meters social distance right there.

Coronicles are COVID-related stories that Art has heard or read and that he thinks are worth repeating.

The Chicken Stories

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you're self-isolating?

"Let's get some chickens!"

You wouldn't think so but Art has first-hand evidence - even way back in March the chick supply chain in Quebec and Ontario was sold out. It turns out you can get day-old chicks mailed to you from as far away as London, Ontario, or you could if they had any to spare. Turns out the only chicks you could get were a random selection of left-over chicks if more hatched than expected.

Hen in a laying box


The thing about a random selection is, it includes roosters. By the law of averages, if you get a dozen chicks, you're likely to have...Read More


Greenwood Adapts Their Summer Season with Success
by Audrey Wall


All of us had to adapt to new measures this summer: Greenwood took up the challenge early, and managed to recreate itself in many areas.

Just as the pandemic arrived, our new Executive Director started work! Our first decision was to move our AGM to a Zoom event, where we welcomed two new Board members. Next, we added a Canada Helps button to our website so we could have a way to renew memberships and accept donations. With the Spring Newsletter deadline, we decided to move that online as well and sent our first totally electronic newsletter to all of our members. Next, we hired a gardener, with the thought that the outside would be one area we could invite visitors to; this turned out to be an excellent decision.

Greenwood Centre


The grants that we had submitted in the winter for our student employees arrived, and we decided that we would be able to hire them, despite not knowing if we would be able to open our Centre. When the good news arrived in late May that museums would be allowed to open, we made careful plans as to how we could open Greenwood and keep...Read More


Recycling for Art's Sake - Outdoor Family Fun in Hawkesbury
Eight artists exhibit on the banks of the Ottawa River through 2021
by James Parry


Back in the late 60s, shortly after immigrating to Canada from England, I landed a dream job. Editor of the nationally-distributed Canadian Plastics magazine published by Southam Business Publications in Toronto.

It was the heyday of plastics, a rapidly growing high-tech industry transforming the world and immortalized in the 1967 movie, The Graduate, when a young Dustin Hoffman (Benjamin) seeking a career choice was advised in one word. 'Plastics'.

Hard to believe today, but I actually researched and wrote in depth articles and editorials on the future of injection molding. Injection blow molding. Extrusion. Twin extrusion. Fiberglass molding. And ad infinitum. Plastics were the future. And nobody questioned it.

Wow. What a difference in such a relatively short time span! When in 2020 and for many, plastics is akin to a dirty word. The scourge of the planet. Despite the fact that they remain an integral and important part of our lifestyle and, in my humble opinion and disposable water bottles aside, will continue to remain so for the newer generation for whom the new buzz word is not plastics but rather recycling. And, of course, I am all for that in all its forms.

So why am I mentioning this? Because recently I visited Le Chenail Cultural Centre in Hawkesbury to check out their 5th Recycl'art outdoor exhibit within the framework of the centre's 45th artistic season with the theme Cultivate Your Imagination. Showcasing eight new artists this time around using only recycled materials of every description, it will be on permanent display from now through the end of March 2021 on the banks of the Ottawa River in front of the Maison de l'Ile in collaboration with Recycl'art Gatineau and La Maison Natale de Louis Fréchette in Lévis, Québec.

Artist Leo Schimanszky and Le Chenail Executive Director Lynda Clouette-Mackay with "Totem of Hope"


...Read More