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Mandy Van Aarle

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Featured Artist Mandy Van Aarle, page 2

Artist's Statement

            Art is as diverse as the emotions that create it. Art can range from sound and color, texture, images, movement to feelings and poetry right through to a vast spectrum of dimensions. There is endless beauty around us, my artistic inspirations occur the moment I am a witness to it.

            There' a long line of artistic ancestry in my maternal family, that dates back to the 1800's. In a way, I was always surrounded and exposed to traditional art, and painters. I began painting with oil, and acrylic around the age of 16. A few years ago I started experimenting with mixed mediums, acrylic and epoxy resin top coating. Recently I began painting with watercolors, but my expression is not solely limited to painting it expands to photography and sculpting as well.

            Inspired mostly by feelings, I'm often influenced by music, memories and color My favorite works arise when I allow myself to get completely consumed with my creation, and allow all my ideas, thoughts, and emotions to flow.

            In old English "inspiration" is defined as "Divine guidance"

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            Abstract in a different way, Mandyís landscapes and mosaic-style paintings use the techniques from the non-objective art to create interesting effects. The sea, remembered from her Dutch childhood and from visits back over the years, features in many of the landscapes. The mosaics are made up of blocks of colour, arranged according to a rainbow, but with inconsistencies. For these works, the titles sometimes give important guidance.

            Carpe Diem above won the second prize at the 2014 Expo-concours themed "Light." Itís heavy and brooding but there are bright patches and the sun is fighting to part the clouds even as it sets. The colours and reflections are the focus of the work.

            Below, Mosaic Rain 1, Side View works on several levels. If it is a side view, it makes you turn your head to visualize the squares of colour falling from the left to the right, but you then realize that you are standing high up and watching the squares fall down. Possibly they are falling the other way but then the large red squares are threatening to fall on top of the viewer. A fun piece with many possibilities.

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