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Pure Art Greeting Cards

            The motto of the Pure Art Boutique on Main Road near Cameron is “Shopping with a Purpose” and it collaborates with the Pure Art Foundation to provide education, water, health care and housing in developing countries. Proceeds from the sale of art help support this goal.

            Pure Art Boutique – “The Moon’s Daughter” - Art that Heals

            Every March for the past five years, eager school children line up for registration in the slums of the Amazon town of Pucallpa Peru. Each year, local artistic talent contributes to a special initiative to raise funds through a unique seasonal greeting card project at the Pure Art Boutique. The “One-School For All” initiative, a socially conscious, collaborative project, made possible through the generous gift of giving by many in our community, is part of an expanding humanitarian effort to improve the lives of others through education.

            New this year, the magical illustrations, by local artist Sebastian Mckinnon, are a visual back drop to a beautiful story, “The Moon’s Daughter,” written by his brother, Liam Mckinnon. Together, they tell a universal story that stirs an emotion touching our humanity in a compelling way this festive season. “The Moon’s Daughter,” already translated into Russian, Polish and French, is capturing the imagination of many, and has begun circling the globe as Pure Art supporters share this wintery tale of hope and caring with others.

            The artistic annual endeavor by Pure Art, where 100% of proceeds go to deliver the gift of education to school children in Peru, is another way of giving back this holiday. A heart-warming “story”, wrapped up in a beautiful “purpose!” Look for the Moon this Christmas! See for more information or visit the Pure Art Boutique on Main Road near Cameron in Hudson.

            She had many names. Some were ancient, as old as the trees and the sleeping stones, and there were those we cannot pronounce. Others could only be heard in the silence of falling snow. But amongst the ones who knew her, she was known as the Moon's Daughter.

            She moved on earth with the grace of the wind, leaving mystery and wonder wherever she passed. With every step, she left a wish. A wish for the world, a wish for her friends, a wish for nature's beating heart.

            The Moon's Daughter illuminated the darker corners of the forest. With the help of her friends, she lit up the trees. She read the stories in their wrinkled trunks and hummed along to their wisdom. Beneath her touch, every tree felt special, and they glowed with the gentle strength of dreams.

            And everywhere she went, she went as one with the earth. She felt the snow and sang with the birds. She connected the thousand individuals that moved alongside her.

            And she forgot no one. Not the silent ones, or the distant ones. Not the misunderstood or the overlooked or the lonely. And for the few she could not reach, she carried them in her endless heart, and blew prayers to them from the mountaintops.

            But when night fell, the Moon's Daughter stood with all her gathered friends, and looked up at the sky. She gazed up at the infinity that stretched out above her, and the humble beauty of the stars was reflected in her eyes. Up into the depth of forever, she sent her last wish and her last light, to her Father Moon, sleeping peacefully in the midnight sky.